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Budva is small and fascinating old town at the Montenegro coast. 2500 years of turbulent history, a natural surrounding that takes breath away and friendly, open-minded people made this town the central point of Montenegrin tourism. A touristic economy growth rate, construction and real estate market boom is so big and fast that recurring visitors are often surprised how is possible the city become larger with all new buildings and hotels since the last year they've seen it. The old town of Budva has typical Montenegrin coastal spirit, with lots of narrow streets, corners and squares, filled with small shops and restaurants. The actual city has come a long way since the old town was a center of all important happenings, today's Budva is expanding into surrounding hills, like Rio in a small and dare to say, more peaceful package. New hotels and number of apartments are built each and every year in Budva, the foreign investments are now taking big art, property market expanded immensely, the whole city of Budva and Montenegro at whole lives their new life after tough and turbulent last decade.


Budva municipality actually consists of several areas, each of them has their uniqueness and recognizability. Coming from Kotor (in Kotor Bay) a touristic area starts with Jaz Beach and goes along central Budva, smaller places like Becici and Rafailovici, than magnificent Sveti Stefan a town on water turned into exclusive hotel. It finally ends up with Petrovac, small quiet touristic place on its own. Along that route you could find 17 lovely beaches - certainly one of many things that keep tourists coming back to Budva. Montenegro at a whole is a beautiful country full of natural wanders, mountains, stunning sunsets and heritage - it's just that Budva, at least from the touristic point of view takes a leading place in this small country.


If you have never been to Montenegro and Budva you surely have missed a place to be seen. If you have been in Montenegro but not in Budva you again have missed a experience.. Montenegro is like that, it has so many flavors to offer you have to taste them all.. whether you are casual visitor, traveler, tourist, businessman or one of many that fell in love with Budva and Montenegro and plan to buy property here we hope this web site will give you enough information's and services to keep visiting back.



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Type: Commercial
Place: Budva
Size: 28 m2
Price: 65.000,00 €

Type: Land
Place: Budva
Size: 318 m2
Price: 120.000,00 €

Type: Commercial
Place: Kotor
Size: 296 m2
Price: 3.500.000,00 €

Type: House
Place: Kotor
Size: 164 m2
Price: 200.000,00 €

Type: Flat
Place: Budva
Size: 45 m2
Price: 121.500,00 €

Type: Flat
Place: Kotor
Size: 64 m2
Price: 110.000,00 €

Type: Flat
Place: Budva
Size: 44 m2
Price: 85.000,00 €

Type: Commercial
Place: Kotor
Size: 1327 m2
Price: 1.750.000,00 €

Budva Property

As already noted, Budva property market just exploded in last three or four years. It is pretty much the same along the whole Montenegrin coast (and it is picking up on north) but Budva is specially attractive for property buyers and real estate investitors. Often, property buyers came from Russia, England and Ireland, and lately investitors from Germany, France, USA and Scandinavian countries are picking up with trends and coming to look around about investing in Montenegro and Budva properties. Business investments in Budva are getting big as well. Many new hotels and tourist facilities are being built and even more are into plans. If you are interested in buying property in Budva or elsewhere along Montenegro coast please search through our property database. That is probably the most updated property listing in Montenegro.

Budva Accommodation

Each year, a hundreds of thousands tourists are visiting Budva region to spend pleasant holiday vacation. Since the rapid growth of visitors in last couple of years the demand often excels the number of free rooms or apartments and that is especially true during the central summer season when many tourists who wasn't aware of that get into trouble of finding a decent apartment. We are proud to offer you fresh, regularly updated Budva accommodation listings.


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Type: Flat
Place: Budva
Size: 150 m2
Price: 100,00 €


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