There are 18 sandy beaches along the Budva coast, most of them have all necessary and expected facilities and props. In vast majority of cases you will not pay any additional fee for entrance to beach and using showers, water and similar, especially if you are a guest of hotel or object beach belongs too. Of course, sailboats, water scooters and similar that exists on each beach have a fee associated with using them. There are many cafe bars and restaurants along Budva riviera, prices are not too high and you can expect quite good service. You are not seriously expected to leave a tip in restaurants but as elsewhere it would be good habit to do so. Taxi cabs could be quite expensive and drivers sometimes do not speak english. Russian language quickly become an important language besides english and many advertisements and billboards are now in russian language. In general people are polite and more relaxed that you may used to see in some other destinations. Private apartments are usually clean but you should check out in advance.