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It is agreed amongst historians that Budva, together with Risan are oldest settlements on Montenegrin coast. Legend says that Budva is established by legendary King Cadmus (also: Kadmo) and his spouse Harmonia. The legend says that they came to built the city and after they've got a baby Illyrius they were turned into blue spotted snakes by Zeus. The historical facts tell that Budva was founded by Greeks. By the middle 2nd cenruty Romans occupied Budva and when Roman empire were split the border were drawn through the center of Budva, half belonged to Romans and other half to Byzantium. In ad535 Budva become Byzantine and and stayed like that untile it was conquired by Saracens in ad 841. During the 20th century, excavations on the place of todays Avala Hotel discovered a rich Roman Necropolis and bellow it a Hellenic one, full treasure of gold and silver jewellery and ceramic. Latter city became Slavic until in 1443 it acceded to Venice, and reminded like that for almost two centuries. During this perion the old Town of Budva was basically shaped into what it looks like today. In 1918 Budva become a part of Montenegro.



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